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Cryptocurrency name:


Currency based on the value of work

The value of work is given by man






Asset ID : Gb7j3XYgWSLpCbaUN6tfcA3JaguAATRqkTTYagQ548zL
Name : Workcoin Symbol : WOC
Decimals : 8 Issuer : 3P6fdfcxTMFpGRpu6C1oJwadLgVxwSTtrVW Reissuable : True Total supply : 1.00000000
Total supply pratical : 49500000.00000000 Max supply : infinite / finite
Scripted : true
Issue date : 21.07.2019 15:55
Sponsored Fee : N / A Circulating : 0.00000000


  What is it based on, Workcoin?  



Workcoin is based on the value of work. The value of work is provided by man's actions towards it.

Workcoin is based on the hybrid POW / POS / POR protocol.
POW is intended as a proof of work.
Principle: The miner must issue transfers to an address.
POS is intended as proof of stakes.
Principle: The miner with the transfer sends 0.00100000 waves to allow the creation of blocks.
POR is intended as a proof of racer.
Principle: The miner who has finished the round must leave space for the new miners.
The new miners will vote themselves by transferring 0.00000001 waves to an address until there is only one winner.
The total resources transferred by the winner will be the new price to be added to the POS.
The total resources transferred will be totally attributed to the winner.
The duration of the process is 30 days.
The miner will work for 30 days and then give way to the next miner.
A master block is generated every 30 days.
The master block is intended as "Quantity of tokens to be reissued".
Principle: A new workcoin quantity will be issued based on the amount of POW performed.
The new workcoin quantity will be distributed equally to the miners.

Workcoin mining will be healthy for the Waves ecosystem.

The workcoin protocol is not yet complete.
Telegram channel: Workcoin contributors