ScudoPlatform offers economical solutions for your faucet, for your vMining Token, our utility Token  








Pool name:
Version: 0.16.3







Address for leasing:

Website: 54

Payment policy:
ScudoNode will pay 100% of generated waves.
MRT will be sold for waves in order to feed ScudoNode to pursue the goal of 100000.00 waves.
Fee charged to you.
Read carefully New 2019 / 03 / 02
1) ScudoNode will soon integrate the property token as an added bonus. Everything is going slowly due to the redesign of the website, faucets etc.
2) ScudoNode is studying to try to increase leasers payments. Rent a minimum of 50.00 waves with ScudoNode, stay for 6 months and at the end of the deadline you will receive an additional 10%.
3) ScudoNode welcomes all those people who have very few waves and look for a way to make them profit. Subscribe to the telegram channel: S.I.F 7.
4) All leases that are withdrawn before 30 days will not be paid. Stay for 30 days and start receiving payments.
“ScudoNode payment policy” could undergo variations based on what is listed until the achievement of the purpose.
Stay updated: 54

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers:
The first Saturday of each month.

Pool Representatives:
Telegram = @lorenzoscudofounder
Discord = Lorenzo - 2 # 9895
Facebook: 1


Feature voting policy:
ScudoNode would like to vote yes to all the functionalities to improve the profitability and short and long term health of the ecosystem. It could also be that some features in their honesty fail in their intent.
Each new feature will be carefully examined and discussed with miners and leasers.
“ScudoNode voting policy” could undergo variations based on what is listed until the achievement of the purpose.
Stay updated: 54

Other Details:
ScudoNode objective fundraising:
Collected 21285.00 Waves.
ScudoNode Objective 1) = To reach 100000.00 Waves.
ScudoNode Objective 2) = . . .

Cost of the node:
2018 Year: $ 82.07
2019 January: $ 24.40
2019 February: $24.40
2019 March: $24.40
2019 April: $27.00
2019 May: $25.64
2019 May: Abbandono Digital Ocean, passaggio a Contabo: €9,98

I am 42 years old, self-taught.
At the moment everything is managed by me.
Funded by me and leasers.
Constructive questions and criticism not vulgar here.
Help and advice here.
Collaborations could be accepted, for agreements in pm.
Stay updated: 54 and here.