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Project / Mission / Vision






Become a part of this project. Create your multi currency portfolio, invest with our project, be patient and you will see results. Projects, with rapid success also have rapid decline.

Let each piece stick to the right place and right time.

This project uses the support of the Blockchain Waves.


Nothing is free and everything is paid in one way or another, bubidity is the soul of commerce and without it there would not even be the Internet. We don't believe in paid domains, why should they be professional, trusting and show reliability when history teaches us that the biggest scams on the internet happened this way? However, a domain has arrived, this will help make the project known more easily. On this basis, our project is to use advertising on this site, to use a new mathematical formula for mining and tap to accumulate funds to create a Waves node that pushes people throughout Italy and the world to perform blockchain transactions in daily life that flank the Euro or Dollar. The currency allows for quick, efficient and private direct transactions with Wavesplatform technology in 10 seconds. With the "Scudo" currency, companies and individuals have flexible options to send and receive payments. With Wavesplatform technology, we are able to offer useful tools that allow them to manage large-scale multi-currency transactions between merchants and individuals. We are committed to ensuring that a new Waves node is created to increase its reliability and transaction speed. Various ideas will be tested to raise funds, later "Scudo" will be used as something similar to fiat coins, which is the popular currency for people. We do not intend to pre-sell, we do not want to attract greedy and destructive investors. We want people to fully believe in this project. We know that we don't live in dreams, but once there was Satoshi Nakamoto who dreamed of Bitcoin. We firmly believe only with presence and time, one day investors and the population will notice "Scudo".